• These people are desease to all creatures.
  • It encourage people to be a week person. Just imagine, if a whole troops of army who will protect our country are all comes from the gay or pengkid people?
  • These people will stop continuing our next generation. 
  • As muslim country, the authority cannot detect who do the 'Zina'. These type of people are free to do the Zina or sex at any place without being cought by the authority. Thus, this situation will encourage to create unhealthy lifestyle. People are easy to get HIV  



  1. Seriously, with an attitude like yours, its no wonder people hate Malaysians. You judge people based on their sexuality and not who they are inside. People out there who are gay/lesbian may be significantly better off in life and have a better heart than those who are straight. The gays and lesbians in Malaysia are just a minority and are the least of your problems. Grow up and learn to accept the people around you; if Malaysia is such a RELIGIOUS country and you being a RELIGIOUS person (an assumption of course), you should understand that all of God's creations deserve to be loved the same way as you. Who are you to judge what you own God has created? Let those who walk a different path as you live the same life you get because if God wanted to be otherwise, he would have done something a long time ago.

  2. God never create us to be a gay, pengkid & lesbian & etc. they are not so minority. they are like a hideous cancer in our society. yes we are not so religious but to hate them is a good way to not to be like them.