I Hate Malaysian Entertainment Reporters

• As you all know, this has been a big issue after one facebook page insulting all the Malaysian entertainment reporters.
• Every reporters should know, why they they’ve been insulted.
• There is no people will insult without any intention.
• As for me, the intention of the people who create the facebook page is only to slap all of his anger to the person who treats him like shit.
• As I mentioned on my previous entry, almost all entertainment reporters love to provoke all the celebrities.
• Now, when they were provoked by certain parties, they bark like dogs.
• The funny thing was they reported the issues to the police.
• They should change themselves to be better.
• Instead of changing themselves to be better, they prefer to stay with their egos.
• Yuppppppppp…. That’s our industry….

 Cheers to the barkers!!!…. KEPALA HOTAK LU!!!


  • I hate this tv program TERJAH.  
  • TERJAH is an entertainment tv program on TV3 every Monday, 11pm. 
  • I don’t think this TV program have a value. 
  • It’s totally rubbish.
  • This TV Program only seeks for some controversies without considering the 3rd party.
  • For example, they seek any hyper issues such as celebrities’ divorces, celebrities’ marriages, or anything that can humiliate our celebrities.
  • Our celebrities also have pride. Am I right? 
  • Another reasons I hate TERJAH is when the reporters asked the celebrities on certain issues, it just like they are forcing the celebrities to answer the questions although the matter is too personal.   
  • TERJAH as for me seems treating all the celebrities like shit. Not only the celebrities, but this includes their families too.   
  • I also hate the tv host for this TERJAH program especially the 2 ladies. Really annoying.  
  • I hate the thin lady because she laughs like pontianak. 
  • I hate the fat lady because she laughs worse than the pontianak. 
  • Don’t ever think when you’re reporter, you can treat celebrities like slaves.  



  • He is a Malaysian movie director.

  • At 1st, I was one of his fans. Especially when he directed a movie named Mami Jarum.

  • Then I began to watch all his movies which were directed by him.

  • I was willing to spend my money to watch his movies in cinema!!! (I am a Malay movie freak!!)

  • Finally, after one by one all the movies I watch by this director, I finally realized I was watching SHITs…

  • I started hate his movies, when he directed a ‘horror’ movie.

  • I also realized that this Prof’s movie must be in ‘Utara slang.’ IT’S A MUST!!!

  • Recently, his movies failed reaching BOX OFFICE. I read in one newspaper that this director blamed the movie was failed because of the unpopular actor and actress..

  • He supposed to blame himself cause of his stupid movie direction rather than blaming other people.



  • I’m not promoting the blog niamah.blogspot.com. Perhaps, ‘indirectly’.
  • The blog is owned by Patrick Teoh who is a so-so comedian.
  • Patrick Teoh, if you all know is the man who acts as the Blind Chinese Gangster in a movie ‘Baik Punya Cilok’.
  • In his blog, he frequently insults the government.
  • He always looks for any points to humiliate government to all his blog readers.
  • Sometimes, he always questions the Muslim’s rights. Hey pal, Malaysia is a muslim country!!
  • He must aware of his sensitive writing on his blog. Just imagine, he got a lot pageviews in a day on his blog which mostly comes from Malaysia, United States and Singapore.
  • If he keeps on pointing all the mistakes done by the government, what will the readers of his blog think about of our country? They must perceive that our country is too weak.
  • In fact, all sources that he referring to are from the Malaysian insider.
  • I believe many people outside there might disagree with his points on his blog, but most of them, prefer to keep quite. 




  • I started this blog last month.
  • A week later after I started this blog, I found that this blog otaklu.blogspot.com was listed in search results of GOOGLE.
  • A month later, I found that my blog was no more listed in google search results.
  • Even if I typed http://otaklu.blogspot.com in the google search box, my blog still not listed in google page results.
  • Why?!!!!!!
  • I found that my blog was penalized by the google.
  • But why? I didn’t do any black hat techniques to win the SEO!!!
  • Is it because of my hatred among all things and people I dislike, google penalized me??
  • Or is it because the owner of Google.com has a scandal with Linda Onn, then both of them decided to penalize me?? Huhuhuhuhu…. C’mon laa!!!
  • Whateva!!!!
  • Yahoo still love me!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!



  • Nuffnang is an alternative for a blogger to gain money through their blog.
  • It is basically based on how much web traffic the blogger has on his blog and how much the visitors click the Nuffnang ads in his blog.
  • The more visitors and the more people click on the ads, the more income the blogger will get.
  • Bloggers just need to apply online to become a Nuffnang publisher.
  • I’ve been a Nuffnang Publisher for 2 years.
  • Nuffnang is now not as awesome as the last time.
  • During I started publish the Nuffnang ads, I can earn RM0.60 a day and my web traffic is only 300 pageviews a day.
  • Plus, during that time I’m not a gliteratti members!!!
  • Now, Nuffnang getting stinky!!!!! Although I got pageviews 600 a day, I only earn RM0.20 PER DAY. What the hell???!!!
  • Previously, the income for a Nuffnang publisher is based on Cost Per Click (CPC) + Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM).
  • Although, a blogger don’t have any ads clicks by his blog visitors, still the blogger can earn money through how many impressions (pageviews) he has on his blog.
  • Now, a Nuffnang publisher’s income is totally based on CPC. So sad!!!



  • She is an Indonesian singer which popular with the song ‘Snow on the Sahara’.
  • She amazed the whole world with her style of music, a combination of Javanese traditional music punch with a techno style which creates an ambient atmosphere.
  • She was popular on late 90s and early millennium.
  • In the middle of millennium, her popularity getting down.
  • In order to gain back her popularity, she began to do sexy things.
  • Yes, she is a sexy singer before, but then, she getting more sexier just to gain back her popularity.
  • What she did is, she always wear short skirts in any of her performance.
  • She intentionally shows her underwear to the public. Not just in her show performance but also in TV programs.
  • Now, she earned back her popularity. Indeed, she might so popular among the voyeurs’ paparazzi.