I Hate Malaysian Entertainment Reporters

• As you all know, this has been a big issue after one facebook page insulting all the Malaysian entertainment reporters.
• Every reporters should know, why they they’ve been insulted.
• There is no people will insult without any intention.
• As for me, the intention of the people who create the facebook page is only to slap all of his anger to the person who treats him like shit.
• As I mentioned on my previous entry, almost all entertainment reporters love to provoke all the celebrities.
• Now, when they were provoked by certain parties, they bark like dogs.
• The funny thing was they reported the issues to the police.
• They should change themselves to be better.
• Instead of changing themselves to be better, they prefer to stay with their egos.
• Yuppppppppp…. That’s our industry….

 Cheers to the barkers!!!…. KEPALA HOTAK LU!!!


  1. hahaa.... wartawan malaysia nih kalau kritik orang suka jer. sekali kena kritik, teros mogok. gelabah gler.

  2. huh! smua org ko x ske? hehehe

  3. nas ahmad 2 anak haram